Press Announcement

19th December 2022

Today Corre Energy announces the collaboration with Eneco for the entire capacity of the CAES Zuidwending project (in the Netherlands).


As per the agreement Corre Energy will be responsible for the construction, operation and maintenance of the installation. Optimisation of the output of the storage site by Eneco provides the flexibility that is required to prevent grid congestion in The Netherlands and balance the supply/demand challenges associated with the transition from fossil-fuel generation to long-term sustainable renewable sources, such as wind and solar. 


“We are delighted to have entered into this partnership with Eneco. This project supports the ambitions to accelerate the build out of renewables in the Netherlands and across Europe, by integrating renewables into the energy system, we are playing our part in the energy transition, working towards a cleaner, greener future.” Corinne Faassen, project directeur CAES Zuidwending.  


CAES supports the anticipated rapid growth in renewable generation capacity and Eneco's requirements for flexible energy sources to deliver its target of becoming climate-neutral by 2035 and works alongside smaller, shorter duration lithium-ion battery installations, to cover longer duration renewable energy downtime. Implementing energy storage in the electricity network offers balancing solutions within-day and across multiple days. 


Kees-Jan Rameau, Chief Strategic Growth Officer for Eneco, said: “With this partnership with Corre Energy, Eneco takes another big step in further reducing CO2-emissions, and providing the flexibility required for the renewable energy system of the future.  This will help solve congestion issues and pave the way for more renewable energy for our customers.  This unique project will be an important contributor to our One Planet ambition and becoming climate-neutral by 2035."