About Corre Energy

Corre Energy

Corre Energy, founded in 2018, has its headquarters located in the Mediacentrale in Groningen. With our expert team, we are engaged in long duration energy storage and working to create a renewable future.

In the renewable energy sector, Corre Energy has extensive experience and is a leader in the field of long duration energy storage. By storing surplus energy, we make a huge contribution to the energy transition by enabling the integration of large scale renewable energy sources.

We are very proud of our mission. With our technology, we can solve a vital piece of the energy transition puzzle and bring balance to the current energy landscape.

Always renewable energy

Corre Energy brings together experienced pioneers from the renewable energy sector. Our experience enables us to efficiently use renewable energy sources in the current energy infrastructure in an innovative way. Currently, there is no other technology available that makes it possible to store energy on such a large scale, our proven technology has previously been successfully applied for other uses in projects around the world.

Our team has proven implementation capabilities and has been involved in several clean-tech projects. Energy storage is the last piece of the puzzle within the energy transition and Corre Energy can ensure that renewable energy can also be stored sustainably on a large-scale.


The Corre Energy CAES project in the north of the Netherlands has recently obtained PCI status from the European Union. Achieving this status is a significant milestone for the company, and one that we are extremely proud of.

PCI means that our project has been identified by the European Commission as a top priority for interconnecting the infrastructure of the EU's energy systems. Such projects aim to achieve the EU's energy policy and climate objectives; safe and sustainable energy for all and the decarbonisation of the economy by 2050.


Corre Energy is in partnership with Infracapital for this project. Infracapital invests in, builds and operates a wide range of essential infrastructure to meet the changing needs of society and to support long-term economic growth.

This collaboration offers opportunities to exchange and further expand knowledge and experience. To work together on such projects, also in the future, and to expand the energy transition with energy storage.

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