The Project

CAES Zuidwending

Where will it happen?

The intended location is in Zuidwending, between the Provincialeweg N366 and the Zoutweg, next to the Heeresmeer. This is a logical location because storage is already taking place nearby. You cannot just build a compressed air installation anywhere, there are several factors that play a major role in this.

Some of the factors that must be considered include the following:

  1. Firstly, access to a salt formation and looking at the subsoil. Due to its hardness and density, salt is extremely suitable for the storage of air.
  2. A close connection to the national electricity network. In Zuidwending this is the TenneT station in Meeden.
  3. In the immediate vicinity there is a defined need for long duration energy storage from industry and TenneT, the grid operator
  4. The presence of renewable sources is vital. In this environment, there is plenty of renewable energy available from wind and solar parks.
  5. Finally, access to hydrogen. In fact, we are one of the first companies to make an active contribution to the hydrogen economy. That is an important ambition for the province of Groningen.

What does it mean for the area?

Little to no activities will take place in the coming year. At present, the intended start date of this project is 2023, and the first work related to a test drilling will be carried out. In the design phase, we study possible noise nuisance as well as the necessary restrictive measures, ensuring that the area is considered as much as possible during installation.

As part of the permitting process, we will work with key stakeholders to ensure noise reduction measures are included in the project design; this also applies to considering the impact of traffic. During the design phase, we will investigate the potential impact of the project on traffic, not only in terms of noise, but the overall effect during the construction and implementation phase. We look at the possibilities of the design to minimise the total impact.

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CAES Zuidwending

The first large-scale electricity storage facility in the Netherlands is in Zuidwending, in the province of Groningen. It is being developed by Corre Energy Storage BV.

This project has been designated as a project of common interest (PCI) project. This means that the project is regarded by the European Union to be of common interest, and an important building block in the future of the continent’s energy infrastructure.

Commissioning of the project is planned for 2026. This highly innovative project will make it possible to realise a new, 100% renewable technology for large-scale energy storage across Europe.

What is Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES)?

Compressed Air Energy Storage, or CAES, is the storage of compressed air to produce energy. It is also known as Long Duration Energy Storage (LDES). Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) can store energy cost-effectively for longer periods of time than batteries, has a longer lifespan, and lower environmental impact with a lower overall carbon footprint.