Always renewable energy

Even when the wind doesn't blow and the sun doesn't shine

Renewable energy storage

Corre Energy is a leader in the development and operation of Long Duration Energy Storage (LDES) projects and products that will accelerate decarbonisation and enhance security and flexibility of energy systems. Our initial market focus is Europe, with anticipated expansion into other major markets.

Corre Energy was founded in 2018 and is headquartered in Groningen, in the Mediacentrale, where there is a fast-growing Dutch team. Corre Energy B.V. was listed on Euronext Growth Dublin in September 2021.

At Corre Energy, we aim to store energy in salt caverns. We ensure that surplus renewable energy can be preserved and reused at times when there is demand.

We believe that no renewable energy should go to waste. On occasions where wind blows heavily and a lot of energy is produced, there are times when we can't use it all and energy is wasted. Energy storage is the key to prevent this. We are already seeing storage solve this challenge in the form of large batteries, which generate electricity for every hour. Unfortunately, an unprecedented number of these batteries would be required to solve the problem of the world’s surplus electricity.

The transition to a completely CO2-free electricity network cannot take place without long-term energy storage. Solar and wind energy are clean and available, making them fast-growing forms of energy generation. The challenge, however, is that the sun doesn't always shine, and the wind doesn't always blow. This causes the supply of renewable energy to vary throughout the day.

To solve the problem of energy supply interruptions, the grid needs to couple renewable energy generation with large amounts of energy storage to store excess energy. This will ensure that we can use it at a later date, when the supply of renewable energy cannot meet the demand. Long duration energy storage is essential to enable the energy transition.

More renewable energy, a sustainable future

Excess renewables are converted into compressed air and stored in a cavern. Compressed air can be stored in a cavern for a long time, ensuring that the use of energy from solar parks and wind farms is not restricted to when the sun is shining, and the wind is blowing. This compressed air can then be passed through a turbine to generate electricity when the power grid needs it. The air is used to drive a turbine to make electricity as and when it is needed.