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Who are Corre Energy?

Corre Energy develops mass-energy storage facilities which comprise assets (storage technologies) designed to provide various wholesale and retail storage solutions and services to the energy market. Designed to provide the cheapest unit cost of storage, the facilities benefit from technology diversification, smart sizing (tied to market demand) and dynamic allocation to customers when storage is most needed (high value add).

Corre Energy is a thought leader in the application of energy storage solutions which address balancing requirements and system needs resulting from increased integration of intermittent renewable resources. Built around a strategy to develop the storage market in the Netherlands, it is expanding on a pan-European basis. Corre Energy has a unique capability to assess and manage the complex interplay between markets, regulatory frameworks, technology design and stakeholders to derive commercially viable propositions for storage projects.

Organised as “storage hubs” the model differs fundamentally from traditional approaches that involve single technology projects with limited use cases, which tend to result in very high storage costs. The hubs can serve multiple applications and customers. Initially, they are to be designed around large scale air and hydrogen storage facilities involving underground salt caverns. Other technologies will emerge, and Corre Energy will choose technology configurations which will meet market requirements in terms of value, cost, and reliability.

Corre Energy Storage BV, part of the Corre Energy Group is developing the first large scale Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) facility in Zuidwending in the province of Groningen in the Netherlands and has a road map of additional projects in the Netherlands, Denmark and across Northern Europe. Details of our flagship project in Zuidwending can be found on The Project page

Our Story

Pioneered by thought leaders in energy storage, Corre Energy has over 50-years’ experience in renewables and technology development, financing and scientific research. Our team is built up of natural innovators who have been involved in a range of novel-led approaches to commercialising cleantech, specifically in the early days of offshore wind and more recently energy storage.

The Corre Energy team previously led Europe’s only independent Compressed Air Energy Storage developer for 10-years which secured the largest grant ever awarded to a storage developer in Europe totalling €105mln. This was secured under the European Commission PCI (Project of Common Interest) framework.

Corre Energy have the framework in place to access highly innovative experts and mobilise internationally as we implement and share this ground-breaking technology with the world.

With Corre Energy Storage, we can finally fit the last piece of the puzzle and ensure that renewable energy becomes sustainably stored. Our technology and ethos allow for a cleaner world for future generations to come.

Background To The Project

The Dutch government in March 2018 announced its Offshore Wind Energy Roadmap 2030, which outlines plans for the country to reach 11.5 GW of offshore wind capacity by 2030. Under the current roadmap, the Netherlands is constructing five offshore wind farms with a combined capacity of 3.5 GW by 2023, to be added to 1 GW of existing wind farms. The new plan calls for a further 7 GW of offshore wind capacity to be built in the 2024-2030 period.

The existing energy market is incapable of accepting this level of renewable energy supply efficiently. With its centralised supply chain designed around fixed inputs and outputs, it has little incentive to improve efficiency or flexibility. Faced with this increased penetration of unpredictable renewables, the inflexibility of the existing market creates huge amounts of waste.

One of the most obvious and painful failures in the market is Renewables curtailment – as renewable energy supply increases so does the rate at which this energy is turned off to manage the balance between demand and supply. This process, known as “curtailment” is occurring at an increasing rate.

Notably, in Europe, particularly Northern Germany, actual curtailment is running at 10-15% of average annual production. Tentatively, this is estimated to cost $1.2bn+ per annum in Germany alone and is rising. Globally the cost of curtailment is estimated to be running towards $12bn and stands to increase exponentially over the next decade.

It is now understood by leading research facilities, the European Commission, national Governments and the more enlightened members of the energy sector, that the solution to unlocking this problem lies in the introduction of mass energy storage facilities.

Corre Energy is uniquely positioned to take advantage of this situation and deliver the savings to both the Netherlands and the wider energy market that are capable of being unlocked. (A 2017 IRENA study estimates by 2030 the savings delivered by renewable energy in the efficiently functioning marketplace to be anywhere between $1.4 and $4.2 trillion globally).

The potential of Corre Energy can deliver more than just this, energy underpins everything that we do in the current economy, and a sustainable energy future is a critical component of the circular economic model that will protect our planet. According to the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), energy activities are responsible for approximately 70% of all CO2 emissions.

A sustainable energy future (renewable energy coupled with grid-scale electricity storage) could contribute approximately to 50% of all emissions reductions required to achieve a 2-degree target by 2050 compared to the current linear economic trajectory.

Our Team

The Corre Energy team has over 20 years’ experience in renewables and infrastructure developments, financing and scientific research, and is in a prime position to deliver our goals.

Among us, we have:
  • Pioneers of grid-scale energy storage and hydrogen projects
  • The backing and experience of the Corre Group
  • Existing relationships with key stakeholders in our initial Netherlands and Denmark projects

Darren Patrick Green

Darren Patrick Green

Group Chairman

Keith McGrane

Chief Executive Officer

Stuart Livingstone

Group Operations Officer

Patrick McClughan

Patrick McClughan

Chief Strategy Officer

Nick Gilman

Chief Financial Officer

Dutch Team

Arnold Frinks

Arnold Frinks

Project Director

Astrid Hartwijk

Astrid Hartwijk

Chief Operations Officer

Marjolein Overbosch

Marketing & Communications Manager

Bert Beek

Bert Beek


Patrick Brouns


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Are you looking for your next opportunity? We need curious people we can learn from: the ones who’ve built start-ups or worked on large energy projects themselves, the multi-taskers who jump in and use their initiative to help take Corre Energy and its projects to the next level.

"Energy is undoubtedly one of the most critical industries, with innovative technological advancements being absolutely vital to keep up with environmental change and industry demands."